Microsoft Takes on Google with Bing TV Ads

Thé vert Bing Microsoft FAIL

Image by louisvolant via Flickr

The internet search war has just taken its ugliest turn with Microsoft leaving no stone unturned to take on Google’s supreme dominance in the UK search market. The latest step in this showdown is Microsoft’s multi-million pound TV ad campaign to promote Bing.

Known as the ‘Bing and Decide’ ad campaign, the three month TV ad campaign will not only showcase Bing’s strengths but will also passively highlight Google’s search weaknesses. Microsoft believes that Bing handles information overload much more than Google does so rest assured that the TV ad campaign will target Google search on ‘speaking in tongue’ answers.

Microsoft projects Bing as a ‘Decision Engine’ rather than a search engine and it claims that it’s much smarter than Google’s search which can often return nonsensical results. Without a doubt, Google is the #1 search engine in UK and Microsoft Bing will face an uphill task in trying to displace Google from the top spot.

‘Bing and Decide’ or ‘Do no evil’, the choice is all yours!

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