iPhone OS 3.0 Beta: MMS & Tethering


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So iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5 is out … but before you go and upgrade, you may want to read on. MMS and Tethering are built into the current betas of OS 3.0, and we have discovered how to access them.

Download the appropriate ipcc file for your operator;
UK – o2
USA – T-Mobile
CA – Fido

Open iTunes, shift+click (on pc) / alt+click (on mac) restore and select the ipcc file. iTunes will say “Updating carrier settings” for a couple of second. Restart your iPhone – you now have MMS and Tethering!

Just turn on tethering in ‘Settings > General > Networking > Internet Tethering’, you can either use Bluetooth by pairing your phone with your computer, or you can simply plug in the USB cable and your mac should pop-up a message informing you that a new network device detected. It’s that simple, perfectly automated.

MMS on the other hand may take a little tweaking. To turn on MMS messaging, go to ‘Settings > General > Messages”; here you have the options to turn on MMS and/or subject lines. If you try and send an MMS message, your iPhone will ask you to go to ‘Settings > Phone’ and enter your mobile number. After doing this, you should be able to send MMS messages, network permitting. If you still can’t send MMS message, you’ll need to call your operator and get MMS enabled on your line.

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