Are mobile and online games the future?

For those of us over a certain age, scrounging together a few pound to pay the bills can be difficult in these trying times — you know what I’m talking about. Payday isn’t for another two weeks, your electricity bill has come through the door, and you’re sweating like a donkey in a sauna because you’re going to have to ask the boss for an advance in order to turn on the lights, ever again. If you don’t want to burn through all those Yankee Candles you got last Christmas in order to see where those tins of beans at the back of the cupboard are, then jump on the craze that is online

Sites like are big business now, as this Yahoo story from last week shows; if you want to treat the other half to a week in Spain of sun, sand and sangria, why not have a little flutter — plus, it’s fun! You’ve already gone through the entirety of Stranger Things and used every Snapchat filter twice over, so the natural progression is to jump on the bandwagon and get started on bringing back the poker craze.

It’s such a pain to organise poker nights when your friends get older, settle down and have kids, but when you’re playing people from all across the world in the virtual space, you don’t have to worry about buying a few tall boys and getting bowls upon bowls of potato chips out for the guys.

Don’t let the water cooler moment centre around Andy Murray picking up the top prize at some tennis thing, or what’s happening in that Albert Square in merry old England. Let your work colleagues know that the true source of entertainment is online. Strap yourself in for one hell of a ride because you won’t be able to drag yourself away from your personal computer because you’ll be having such a good time.

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