Profitable industries to invest in

Investors can help businesses expand to other locations and ensure they have the capital needed to make their firms more profitable. With so many profitable industries to invest in, it can be hard to decide just what to do. Here are a few for your consideration.

Metal recycling

Scrap metal can be a profitable venture due to increased manufacturing in the emerging economies and growing demand. Over time, vehicles, aircraft, tools, etc., all wear out or become obsolete as new and more efficient versions come on the market. It makes sense to recover materials from these goods so that raw materials to make the improved versions become less expensive and available when needed. At the same time, it can be hard for some to invest in scrap metal directly. A recovery facility can cost a lot to construct and it is only one step required to start the business and there is a great deal of paperwork and financials that must be kept in good order. In the UK, it is illegal to pay for scrap metal in cash, so purchase requires issuing many cheques. Those that invest in scrap metal often choose to do so indirectly through an investment firm that is already involved, such as M1 Group.


Air travel is more affordable and accessible to many people than ever before. The use of private jets and air services continues to rise. M1 Group invested in aviation years ago through M1 Limited. The Chief Executive Office of M1 Limited is Azmi Mikati. M1 Limited currently operates M1 Commercial Jets, an aircraft-leasing firm. They also hold significant stock in the Switzerland based airline, Baboo. M1 Commercial Jets merged with Jetscape. They are also a large investor in Jordanian airlines. Naturally, any business that is invested in an industry with large machines made of valuable metals would be invested in the recycling of scrap metal as well. While planes are meticulously maintained, eventually fleets need to be replaced. Since the metals in airplanes are of the highest quality, it is in the interest of the fleet owner to recycle them for further profit. The risk involved when investing in aviation can include the possibility of war, weather, and bad economic times, leading people to travel less.


There has been a consistent demand for improved telecommunications networks all over the world. Without proper communication networks it is extremely difficult for a country to compete in today’s world of international business. Better internet and phone access means that people can work together more easily and inexpensively. It was not long ago that phone or internet access was completely out of reach because it was simply too expensive and unreliable for many emerging economies to use. As more economies start to show growth and worldwide populations increase, the demand for better networks will undoubtedly grow. The question is just how fast the growth will happen. If economies show steady growth the demand for better communications will grow steadily as well.

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