The StrikeTec Sensor: Wearable Tech in Motion


Sports enthusiasts might be forgiven for thinking that, in the world of sport, no all that much has changed in the past twenty or thirty years. We still wear the same shirts, kick the same plastic balls or run on the same rubber treadmills that we have used for decades, and at first glance it can seem that sport doesn’t seem to catch up with technological progress as much as other industries and pastimes. This is the wrong way of thinking though, and all manner of hi-tech products are out there right now that are changing games and boosting achievements. The StrikeTec is one of these innovations.

Produced in South Carolina, USA, by the company EFD Sports, the StrikeTec is a boxing product that combines cutting edge technology and the true brawn of the sport. The sensor is a sports tracking gizmo that analyzes every movement of the user. By recording information including punch speed, punch force, punch type and punch count, among other metrics, the user is provided with information relating to the improvement of their technique. StrikeTec takes in to account where a user currently is in relation to their past workout routines, allowing users to track their progress and see, lit up on a smartphone or laptop screen, every miniscule detail related to their workout.

The sensors fit around the bass of each of the user’s boxing gloves but there’s more truly hi-tech workings within this product. Connecting via Bluetooth to a computer known as the brain, which in turn connects, via the cloud, to the StrikeTec Boxing Training App, users can instantly see and pore over their results. For the more competitive among us, users can even share and publish results, competing with their friends and team mates for bragging rights!

This product isn’t just going to revolutionise training though. Big Knockout Boxing, a popular pay-per-view boxing TV service, has recently agreed to feature the sensors in their matches. Viewers will be able to see detailed information alongside every hook and uppercut, an innovation that might prove interesting if the idea becomes popular. Wagering on Coral for which fighter has the greatest LBS of force in a single punch could be a fun new way to bet, however we’ll just have to make do with classic matches and updates until broadcasts catch up with the amazing new innovation!

The StrikeTec has the potential to completely revolutionise the way in which boxing is taught and learnt. Although traditional coaching and training has brought the sport to its current, magnificent, stature, adding a touch of numbers-based science in to the mix might reinvigorate the game and truly bring it in to the twenty-first century!

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  • mel “boxing baron” baron

    Kudos to the StrikeTeck people. I have been saying for the past 25 years that judging a fight would be so much simpler with a component inside the glove to measure velocity, impact, etc. Former boxing writer for Gaming Today.

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