Creating a technology driven home

As technology develops and more people have at least one smartphone device, more and more developments are being made that make our lives easier, more sophisticated, and more stylish.  The amount of products that connect to the internet via WiFi and other wireless methods are increasing, alongside mobile apps to control them.

Now, with Sonos, you can use your smartphone to choose which music you want to project around different rooms in your home.  When it comes to home heating, the Nest and Hive thermostats automatically turn the temperature of your heating down when you are not at home and heating can be managed from your mobile device.  Lighting can be controlled via smartphone or tablet so that lights can be turned on or off and colour tone altered, even before you arrive home.  These are positive developments in terms of the environment, and for anyone hoping to see a reduction in their energy bills.

Home appliances are becoming available which you can connect to a database of energy prices so that they run when power is cheapest.  Conveniently, washing machines can be operated remotely and you can receive alerts when you need to add more detergent.  You can control electronics in your home from your iOS or Android device with the Belkin WeMo Switch, so something can be turned on or off remotely, or scheduled to operate at a certain time. This is great for saving electricity.

Perhaps curtains will become a thing of the past as people invest in window blinds that move in accordance with the time of day and have a thermal sensor so they close on hot days.  21st century futuristic homes look set to be minimalistic, with neutral colour schemes and carefully placed accessories such as an eternity lamp. The way we clean could be set to change as the Robot vacuum cleaner becomes more advanced and affordable.  Ecovacs make robot window cleaners and Deebot floor cleaning bots which have four different modes to accommodate different surfaces.  Some models can be controlled remotely from a smartphone.

Home security will increase with smart home alarm systems that connect to the internet and a product which gives you the ability to unlock your home from your smartphone.

How about the following gadgets for your technology driven home:

  • A weighing scale that also shows you your body fat percentage, heart rate, and even the room air quality.
  • A sound and gesture driven mirror that gives you the news while you brush your teeth and can advise you of the weather forecast and even which tie to wear.
  • A pet feeder that you can control remotely to dispense food. No more getting up early to feed the dog!

Soon everything could be controlled by using a voice command, by the wave of a hand, or with remote access via smartphone apps.  Some developments may continue to positively impact the environment such as media players that operate using solar power, eco-cleaners that use ultrasonic waves instead of detergents, a magnetic cooling system for wine that reduces carbon emissions and could cut energy consumption.  For anyone interested in a technology driven home, the future holds plenty of promise.

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