Most profitable online games

If you are new to gaming and are looking for a way of making a little extra pocket money while enjoying yourself, here are a few of the most popular and potentially profitable options for you to try.

Second Life

Second Life involves players taking on a virtual identity and engaging in a whole range of activities, some of which enable you to earn money in the form of Linden Dollars. You have the option of buying and selling real-estate, trading on the game’s virtual stock market, running shops or developing virtual content, all of which can earn you money; in some cases, big money.

L$ can be converted into real cash via the LindX Currency Exchange, which is precisely what Ailin Graef did when she became the first Second Life millionaire in 2006. It took Graef 30 months to turn the $9.95 she spent registering her Second Life account into $1m worth of real dollars.

Entropia Universe

In many ways this game is quite similar to Second Life, but differs in that it incorporates elements of gameplay, such as missions, hunting and crafting, in a virtual sci-fi multi-planet world. The game’s currency is PED (Project Entropia Dollars), which have a fixed exchange rate of ten PEDs to the US dollar. PEDs can be transferred directly into your real world bank account. If you want to make a profit you will have to be prepared to invest up to $500, otherwise you should only expect to make pocket money.

Online bingo

Though regarded as a game of chance, there are ways of improving your chances of winning at online bingo. The first tip is to join in games that have only a small number of players and purchase as many cards as possible. However, you should be aware that some sites restrict the number of cards each player can have. Conversely, there is an argument that says you should buy a small number of cards and play as many games as possible. Having won a game, either stop playing or move to a different version.

Online poker

There are lots of poker betting sites UK players can choose from, but you should spend some time checking out comparison websites before deciding which one to join. One of the essential requirements of any site is that it includes a training area where you are able to learn the game without risking real money. Once you are ready, look for games with only a small number of players and where the bets are low value. Play each game with a maximum of 5% of the total amount you are prepared to lose. Online poker has become more challenging as the number of highly skilled players has increased, making it more important than ever that you learn the game thoroughly before risking your hard-earned money.

There are literally hundreds of online games for you to choose from, which means there is almost sure to be one to suit your tastes. Obviously, skill plays a role in how successful you are, but with a little care and perseverance there is no reason why you shouldn’t make at least a small profit.

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