Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Available For £595 In The UK

Samsung  Galaxy Note 3 Available For £595 In The UKMobile retailer  Clove UK is now offering the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for only £595 (including taxes) which is  £50 cheaper than the  £649  for which Samsung UK has made the device available for, Clove is also offering the Samsung Galaxy Gear up for pre-order, and they are offering the device for £282 including taxes, with a launch date of the end of September which makes it attractive compared to Samsung’s £299.

Compared to the retail pricing in the US, the UK price is expensive Verizon has the Note 3 listed at $699 (£445) full retail, AT&T, $724(£475), Verizon also in offering a package of the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear for (£640), suggesting a $300 (£192) price for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.

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