Skype Available On In UK And Other Countries

Skype Available On In UK And Other CountriesMicrosoft announced integrating Skype into it’s web based email service, in the  United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, Brazil, and France which according to Microsoft has more than 400 million active accounts. already has links with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.

“Email is an important and personal tool for most people, but there are moments when you want to be able to speak live or chat face-to-face,” wrote Dawn Martynuik, group product manager of, in the blog post.

The addition of Skype calls to makes Microsoft’s email service more competitive with Gmail, which is the most popular email service in the world and has had video calling for some time. Gmail’s more recent video offering comes with Google Hangouts integration. Hangouts works across email, Google+, and mobile apps.



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