NOOK Simple Touch Price Slashed In US

NOOK Simple Touch Price Slashed In USAmazon Kindle Reader’s chief competitor Barnes & Noble has slashed the price of its NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight ereader in the US bringing  the illuminated e-paper slate from $119  to $ 99, strengthening rumours that a newer model might be announced soon. The NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight has been available in Barnes and Noble UK for £69 which is equivalent to it’s reduced US price.

The entry level Nook Simple Touch remains at US $79 in US, which is expensive compared to £it’s 29 price on Barnes and Nobles UK online store.

“At just $99, our high-quality, top-rated NOOK Simple Touch GlowLight is an unbeatable value for customers who are seeking an unparalleled, pure reading experience that goes from beach to bed, day or night,” said Michael P. Huseby, President, Barnes & Noble, Inc. & CEO, NOOK Media LLC. “NOOK Simple Touch GlowLight is the first Reader to hit the market with built-in illumination for reading in the dark and is the perfect way to experience NOOK’s best-in-class digital reading experience at an unbelievable price.”

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