Facebook Blames Malware Apps For Developer Accounts Outage

Facebook Blames Malware Apps For Developer Accounts OutageFacebook Platform access was unavailable to Facebook app developers yesterday resulting in some popular app including chute going offline. Facebook was prompt is addressing the outage issue which was attributed to monitoring to remove malicious app.

“The Facebook Platform and our users are constantly under attack from malicious apps and we have many automated systems to protect the platform and our users. Occasionally we detect an attack that requires us to augment those automated systems. Specifically, we identify a malicious pattern, find all the apps that match that pattern, and then disable those apps. This normally results in thousands of malicious apps being disabled and improves our automated systems’ ability to detect similar attacks in the future.” said a post on Facebook developer’s app.

The Social Network promised to take further steps to prevent a recurrence

We will create better tools to detect overly broad patterns and put in place better processes to verify that all apps matched are indeed malicious.

We will address the bugs and bottlenecks that made the recovery process slower than expected.

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