‘With Friends’ Makers Zygna Sues Facebook sues Facebook’s Bang With Friends App

ZygnaPopular game maker Zynga has taken issue  Facebook’s casual sex app ‘Bang With Friends’  for infringing its trademark of ‘with friends’ ( Words With Friends, Chess With Friends and Hanging With Friends)family of games  and have  filed a lawsuit against the app maker.

Bang with Friends makes it easy to turn Facebook friends into flings. That’s news to Bang With Friends’ founders, who say they never received a service letter notifying them of the lawsuit.Apple pulled Bang With Friends from its App Store shortly after it was launched in May, although the company said it’s still working to get it back in. Android owners, however, can still pick it up at Google Play.

Zynga complaint’s that the app developers selected the name of the app with Zynga’s game trademark fully in mind and infringes  their trademark .

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