UK To Crack Down On Internet Pornography

English: David Cameron's picture on the 10 Dow...

English: David Cameron’s picture on the 10 Downing Street website (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Britian’s Prime Minister David Cameron will crack the whip on Pornography through extensive restrictions on internet porn, Pornography will be automatically blocked by Internet service providers  in the country unless the users choose to opt in according to the Daily Mail, which is taking full credit for these reforms.

The measures which will be announced today plan will also make it a crime to possess “extreme pornography,” such as images or video of simulated rape,

“By the end of this year, when someone sets up a new broadband account the settings to install family-friendly filters will be automatically selected,” Cameron will say in a speech to the child protection group NSPCC on Monday. “If you just click ‘next’ or ‘enter’, then the filters are automatically on.”

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