Microsoft Office May Not Be Released To iOS And Android Until 2014

Rumours of Microsoft prepping Office for iOS and Android has been surfacing at regular intervals, Microsoft repeatedly kept denying those were real, according to a fresh report by ZDNet  Microsoft’s Office app will not be on iOS or Android mobile devices until mid-2014.

The report is based on a roadmap for Office supplied by a source. Microsoft, as expected, has declined to say anything on the leaked roadmap.Microsoft Office May Not Be Released To iOS And Android Until 2014 The supposed  roadmap does not mention anything about tablets or phones, there is still no news on whether Microsoft will be releasing Office for both Android phones and tablets or not.

“Rumors about Microsoft’s plans to deliver Office for iOS and Android have been circulating for more than a year. Microsoft officials have never outright denied these apps were in development. A number of us Microsoft watchers heard from our various sources that these apps were on track to be delivered by early to mid-2013,” ZDNet noted in a report.

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