New iPads Coming Next Month, IPhone 5S To Launch In August : Reports

Apple Announces 128 GB iPadApple may launch the next version of iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5S in August this year, with an update to i Pad series including both a fifth generation 9.7-inch iPad and a second gen iPad mini in April according to sources familiar with Apple’s plans speaking to iMore’s Rene Ritchie.

iMore reports that the next iPhone will it will come with a better camera and a faster chip which is only natural, it remains to be seem If the next version goes one beyond the current smartphone Industry standard or only catches up with features present in  Samsung and other smartphones but are missing in iPhone 5.

The report of a new iPad in April on the other hand seems a little odd. Prior to the iPad 4, Apple released new iPads on an annual basis as well but they broke that trend in 2012 when they announced the iPad mini and iPad 4 about half a year after the iPad 3 was announced.


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