Android Responsible For 79% Of All Mobile Malware Last Year, 96% In Q4 Alone : Report

Apple Leads The US Smartphone Pack In January, iOS Gains, Android FallsAndroid’s share of mobile malware has increased by almost double in the last quarter, and now pegs in at 96 percent of the mobile malware market, according to a recent report by F-Secure

Android users may be wondering If android is vulnerable to attack due to it been the the most popular smartphone OS currently, or is it because it’s just fundamentally easier to attack. Whatever the reason, it will be safe to assume that Google is actively working on plugging the holes.

301 total new threat families and variants were detected in 2012. Symbian stands at 4 percent while Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Apple’s iPhone all come in with an even lower share of new mobile threats and variants over the quarter.

“Malware in general has a parasitic relationship with its host,” said Sean Sullivan, Security Advisor at F-Secure Labs. “As old Symbian handsets continue to be replaced by those with other operating systems, especially Android, Symbian malware dies off and will probably go extinct in 2013. May it rest in peace.”

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