Amazon Introduces “Send to Kindle” Button for Websites

Amazon Introduces "Send to Kindle" Button for WebsitesAmazon “Send to Kindle” feature which are currently available as plug-ins for Google Chome and Mozilla Firefox browsers is now going to be available for websites. The functionality will compete other apps like Instapaper and Pocket.

“The Send to Kindle Button lets readers save your content to read later on their Kindle, at their convenience. Adding this button to your website opens it up to millions of Kindle customers that want to enjoy your content on their Kindle.” posted Amazon on it’s Developer’s Blog. “The button can be added to your site in a few simple steps. After picking the button design that fits your page, just tell us how you mark the title, author, publication date, and body of your webpages. If you already have the Facebook button or use popular standards like or News, just let us know and we will know where to look for that info.”

The button can already be spotted at The Washington Post, TIME, and Boing Boing, but anyone can add it to their site.

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