Waterfield PS Vita Case Review

PS Vita CaseWhen you spend a couple of hundred pounds or dollars on a shiny new gadget, it’s important to make sure it’s protected. When it comes to mobile devices and handheld videogame consoles, there are usually two types of protection. There’s the ugly cheap kind, and stylish yet flimsy kind. Waterfield have a go at breaking those stereotypes, with their PS Vita Case.

From the get-go, the case looks quite much like a man-purse, in that it’s small, stylish, and something a man can get away with carrying around, without looking like he’s holding his wife’s handbag. Let us not understate that, this case will look good on you.

Once you open the case, there’s room for 5 vita game cartridges, 3 memory cards and of course the PS Vita. All well protected in separate sections, with zips and a couple of press-studs for good measure. On the rear is an additional zip-able pouch for headphones and a charging cable.

The PS Vita Case feels rugged enough to protect the vita from an accidental drop or two, although it’s not especially padded. Make no mistakes, you shouldn’t be throwing your vita around in this, but it should protect you from the occasional slip.

The official blurb:

The PS Vita Case — constructed of ballistic nylon, a double-layered luxurious, leather flap, and a padded, lined interior — stylishly protects the PS Vita for both sophisticated gamers and hobbyists alike. Pockets stow the PS Vita memory cards and the in-ear, audio headset. The naturally-tanned, leather flap is available in four colors: black, brown, kiwi and orange.

Available in all four colour combinations, for $49 directly from Waterfield.

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