Samsung Shows Off Samsung Wallet, Samsung’s Verison Of Apple’s Passbook

Samsung introduced “Samsung Wallet” mobile app solution during a developer conference at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Wednesday.

Samsung’s Wallet app is not different than Apple’s Passbook, Wallet lets users store things such as event tickets, boarding passes, membership cards, and coupons in one central location. Wallet also offers time and location-based push notifications to alert users as to when they are able to use the passes stored in their account, and it provides real-time updates for membership points and boarding pass changes.

Samsung has also posted a developers document for the app, which gives out more details:

“By using Samsung Wallet API, partners can integrate their Associate Apps and Samsung Wallet in the way that they can add their tickets and coupons to Samsung Wallet. The easy to use, time and location based push notification feature of Samsung Wallet will alert partner’s relevant coupons and tickets to users, providing increased access to partner’s Associate Apps, not to mention real-time updates on membership card points and changes to boarding passes. Samsung Wallet also adopts a co-marketing coupons that provides optimal marketing effect to partners. As more and more users enjoy Samsung Wallet, the same will happen to Associate Apps, enabling a win-win commerce ecosystem. ”


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