Amazon To Launch Its Cloud Player In UK

Amazon has introduced  its Cloud Player media service in the UK, France and Germany. Amazon Cloud Player scans users Music Player libraries and and stores their MP3s with high quality 256 kbps copies on Amazon’s servers.

All Amazon MP3 purchases are automatically saved to Cloud Player for free. Customers can store up to 250 tracks for free not including the Amazon purchased MP3s.

Cloud Player Premium customers can store 250,000 tracks in the Cloud Player for an annual fee of £21.99, which at the current exchange rate comes around US $ 36.00, which is significantly more than the US $24.99 paid by US customers. To celebrate its Cloud Player launch, Amazon has issued a promotional code for 99p album downloads.

“Millions of US customers are already using Amazon Cloud Player to listen to their music everywhere, on their favourite devices, including Kindle Fire, Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPod Touches, Macs and PCs. We’re excited to bring this same convenience to Amazon music customers in the UK,” said Greg Greeley, Vice President of EU Retail at Amazon. “The launch of Cloud Player in the UK means that customers can buy anywhere, play anywhere, and keep all of their music in one place without the need for constant software updates, or drives and cables to move and manage their music.”

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