iPhone 5’s September 21st Gets More Credibility Thanks to Verizon’s Vacation Blackout

It looks more and more likely the new iPhone will go on sale September 21, based on a TechCrunch report  which reports that no Verizon employee is allowed to take a vacation during that time., the piece quotes a trusted Verizon employee” who said that the US-based carrier is having “all-staff vacation blackout from the dates of Friday, September 21 to September 30.”

Apple is known to issue vacation blackouts for its retail staff ahead of big launches like the iPhone, though there are no confirmed reports of any such blackouts issued by the Cupertino-based company yet.

The iPhone 4S was available for sale in the UK, along with US, Canada, Australia,  France, Germany, and Japan on launch, so it’s likely the new iPhone will be available in these markets on launch.

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