Google Nexus 7 customers facing trouble – Screen Separation and Dead Pixel Issues

If you are among the hundreds of Google Nexus 7 pre-order customers are still waiting for their tablets to arrive on their doorsteps and think that you are unlucky, you are wrong as some of the consumers, lucky enough to receive a Nexus 7 were dumbfounded when they began using the tablet only to find a number of manufacturing defects.

XdaDevelopers and other online forums have numerous reports that the tablet’s display have begun to come apart from the bezel, pushing it back is causing crack on the screen. The second issue is that device’s display shows up dead pixels on the tablet for some users.


There are solutions floating around to fix the screen separation issue, which are to be carried out at the owner’s risk. Safest way is to send it back to Google or contact Google support.


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