i-Microphone Review

Remember when you used to carry around more than one gadget? Walkman, camera, watch, these days we travel light. Let’s be honest, a Smartphone is all you need – there’s an app for everything! The Dictaphone is no exception.

With the Edutige i-Microphone, your Smartphone becomes just that: a fully functioning voice recorder. Yes, your Smartphone has a microphone built in, which most probably works fine for up-close-and-personal recordings and voice calls, but it’s not designed for picking up voice across the room, and that’s where the i-Microphone comes in. The omnidirectional condenser microphone will work in any Smartphone with a 3.5mm line-in jack and will record at a massive 12 decebels louder than your regular built-in microphone.

The microphone itself is really small, yet it has a feel of quality to it. This is definitely one to pop in your pocket with your Smartphone, just in case you’ll need it later. You won’t have to worry about carrying around extra weight.

At $28.88 you really can’t go wrong. The i-Microphone provides better audio recording quality, at louder volumes. Whether you’re a student recording lectures in a theatre, or a journalist with your iPhone in someone’s face, the i-Microphone is going to make all the difference.

  • Superham

    This is the best microphone ever for the iPhone ,,, hehehe picked one up from amazon and now using it for school.

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