Stephen Fry says Windows 7 Phone is a Joy to play with

The new Windows Phone 7 - see at launch of Mic...
Image by Axel Bührmann via Flickr

Hey if Stephen Fry comes out to say that the lastest phone OS from Microsoft, the aptly named Windows 7 Smart Phone as ‘joy to play with’, then we’re listening. Remember Stephen Fry persuaded undoubtably some of us to jailbreak our iPhones.

Microsoft are coming at this release all guns blazing and it’s full of Microsoft things to do, like connect to your Live account and something about some Xbox Gamer tag, something that our friends at GodisaGeek know only too well (this must be something to do with getting app game developers buying into the Windows through their mighty Xbox brand) . Of course we will be able to ‘bing’ lots, meaning that the maps will be binging awful

I’m still left wondering if Zune is about to come to the UK and if so in what way and does this OS release be a success for the impending launch of the tablet computer in the next couple of months.

It certainly looks like it has a chance of making some impact and for the sake of the smartphone market let’s hope it does. Competition breeds innovation and war kicks off arms races, so based on this expect some Apple revolutionizing products moves from some big players in the not too distant future. The Windows 7 Phone isn’t a revolution but it is a solid grounding from which a warning shot can be fired.

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