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Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to a Ubisoft Games Day in London, where we were given the chance to try out Your Shape. The idea behind Your Shape is that you can get fit while having fun, the mantra is “Fitness Evolved” and after playing the game for a couple of hours, I can’t think of a more fitting phrase for this game.

There are three main game times in Your Shape: Fitness Class, Gym Activities and Personal Training. Gym activities are exactly what you’d expect – squats, thrusts and such, offering a decent workout. But there’s also a number of mini games available, including boxing bricks, a cool little game where you punch virtual bricks which explode impact. My favourite was a Tetris-style blocks game, where the player holds a platform to catch falling blocks on, before emptying them into a pool. It’s a balancing act and it’s really fun.

Fitness Class is something a bit different, you start off with a bit of Tai Chi and I’m pretty sure there will be a number of other types of classes, if not on launch then via DLC including Martial Arts. This game would be absolutely perfect  for practising your Taekwondo patterns or Karate forms, because it monitors your position and exact gestures, correcting you on your lines – bloody genius.

Personal Training though, is where things get really good. It’s really is like having your own personal trainer – and let me tell you, I can feel it in my tighs today! The game figures our your height, asks for your weight and then puts you through a series of simple tests before immersing you in your personal fitness program. If you start slacking, or you’re not moving to the rhythm, the game will let you know.

What’s best about this game is that it’s actually fun. It’s not like a fitness DVD because you can see yourself on the screen and you get live feedback throughout the workout. But with the mini games and fitness classes you forget you’re exercising – which in my opinion is the best way of exercising.

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