Firefox 4 Beta now available for Android

Firefox 4 Beta now available for Mobile

Firefox 4 Beta now available for Mobile

Mozilla’s Firefox 4 beta  has come to Android in beta form, it was released for Windows and Mac OS X in July this year. The browser has been through a ton of updates and fixes over the last few weeks.

Firefox 4 Beta includes Firefox Sync to create a seamless Web browsing experience between desktop and mobile. With Firefox Sync, you can take your browsing history, bookmarks, tabs, passwords and form-fill data with you anywhere so you never have to retype passwords or long URLs again.

A major focus of this release is to increase performance and responsiveness. Two of the big architecture changes are Electrolysis and Layers. Our alpha contained Electrolysis which allowed the browser interface to run in a separate process from the one rendering Web content, resulting in a much more responsive browser. This beta brings the Layers pieces which improve overall performance and in graphics areas such as scrolling, zooming and animations.

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