All the Cool New Stuff From Apple

Apple's new releases

Apple's new releases

Apple’s media event on Wednesday was full of shiny gadgets and software releases. We will cover the releases individually, nevertheless, here are the highlights

Apple TV
Okay – the rumors has got it wrong, the moniker has not changed to Apple iTv, but, Apple TV now beams streaming-only content with a 1/4 size of the old device. The new Apple TV will pack built-in power supply, HDMI, ethernet, and 802.11n wireless, priced down to US $99. Apple is also included Netflix support straight into  Apple TV.

iTunes 10
Apple has launched iTunes 10 with a new logo and some new features, the highlight is a new social networking feature called Ping. Ping is desgined to be a social network for music fans. It allows users to discover what’s new in music at iTunes, allows them to follow their favorite artists and friends.Ping lets you post your opinions and thoughts, just like a status update and share the music you download from iTunes.

The all new iPod Touch
The iPod touch update was hardly surprising, as Apple says “it’s an iPhone without the phone”, it has a new A4 processor, a gyroscope, an HD video-capable camera, a front-facing camera for Facetime, and, most importantly, a “retina” display.. It will start shipping next week in 8GB, 32GB, and 64GB varieties with costs at $229, $299 and $399 respectively.

iOS 4.1 and 4.2
Apple released the new version of the operating system iOS 4.1 for iPods touch and iPhone which will fix the earlier bugs of proximity sensors, bluetooth and issues with iPhone 3G. iOS 4.1 will be available for free download from next week for all iPod Touch and iPhone users.The new features include high dynamic range photos, HD video upload over WiFi, TV show rentals. Apple’s Game Center is also included in the updated iOS 4.1.

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