RIAA throwing good money after bad

File sharing copyrighted material is now as old as Napster which turns out to be more than 10 years old, where did the time go? Anyway I digress, last night the recording industry vs people report that the RIAA were throwing literally millions upon millions of dollars to recover tiny amounts in damages from the likes of you and I.

Recording Industry Association of America
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In 2008 it is reported that their legal fees alone were more than $16 million, it doesn’t say the other costs in an operation of this scale, from this investment financially they were only able to recover $391,000.

Some say that this shows how little the RIAA understand its business, which is a fair point when you consider how far behing the internet curve they were and still are. More will say it is $391,000 too much. Others say this has been a cost effect PR boon that has deterred way more than $16 million into the record industry.

Whatever the case if the industry wants to survive the next decade margins will have to be tighter, musicians will have to work harder (I feel this slightly unfair, but I just mean the big names will be touring longer and harder) and music needs to get ahead of the next digital innovation.

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