iOS has more developers than Android OS

AppStore HQ developers directory which claims to have  a complete listing of all 50,000 plus developers  whose apps are currently available in the Apple App Store or Android Market,shows that 43, 185 coders have apps on Apple store ,and  10,199 develop for Google’s Android Market with 1412 of those develop for both the platforms.

It’s apparent that single-platform development is the norm ,with Apple holding the predictable edge, interesting to note is  a list of some of the most well known (and well funded) apps having cross-platform apps which suggests that a movement is afoot toward making software available for both sets of users.for the big

It might be easy  difficulties faced by smaller outfits, who might struggle to find the resources required to port their content over and maintain the skills required to be multi-platform, resulting in them sticking to one environment.

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