BT want you to pay 10% more for being a customer

BT "Connected World" logo, 2003–present

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From October BT want to eek a little bit more money out of you to say thanks for being a loyal customer. They’re set to increase the monthly line rental by 50p per month, while also increasing the connection cost of each call by 1p, which tops it up to a nice round number for 10.9p.

Of course BT have their calling plans which help of set some of these costs, but even so the BBC reports that the increase is likely to costs it customers an extra 1p per day.

This will probably help British Telecom pay the £1.2 million bonus paid to their chief executive, Ian Livingstone.

In an increasingly competitive market, looks like loyalty really won’t pay in this case. O2, Virgin Media, Sky and others all have good deals on the table. Our consumer advice: Shop around, you never know you could get some extra services and save money while you’re at it.

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