Ubuntu for Tablet PCs soon

Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook T4210 and 3010 Tablet PCs

After Apple has rejuvenated and breathed life into the Tablet PCs with its iPad device and Google soon following it with announcement of  Android OS and Chrome OS for tablets. Could the champion of Open-source OS Ubuntu be far behind?. Tablet PCs  running Ubuntu could be on the store  shelves by the early next year.

According to Chris Kenyon, Canonical’s vice president of OEM,  the open-source supporter is working on a touchscreen version of Ubuntu with a simple user interface and on-screen keyboard for use on tablet devices.

Ubuntu is the most successful Linux  flavor among  regular users who are not too involved in the development front. A Tablet powered by Ubuntu will appeal to all kinds of people ranging from students to journalists. It will definitely be no match for the business model of the iPad though, with an open source technology powering it, prices of any tablet based on this will automatically come down. This will be a big attraction and might just be the USP of such a tablet.

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