iPhone iOS 4 hack released

The iPhone jailbreak pineapple logo

The iPhone jailbreak pineapple logo

It has become a tradion of sorts to have a unlocking/jailbreaking software for iPhone released soon after a new edition of software comes out of Apple’s stables and the good fellas at iPhone Dev-Team (http://blog.iphone-dev.org/) have been faithfully writing code to release your iPhone from the Apple’s software restriction.Only a day after Apple released the iOS 4, the iPhone Dev-Team has already released a hack to jailbreak and unlock iPhones using the software.

After rolling out the PwnageTool 4.01 for iOS 4, they upgraded the software with a 4.01 update,the PwnageTool 4.01 will only support the official iOS 4 release and not the developer release that was issued at WWDC.

It will work fine with an iPhone 3GS as long as it was previously jailbroken with the old boot ROM and you didn’t use the Spirit method. However, if your 3GS has the new boot ROM, you will not be able to use PwnageTool. Baseband unlockers are reportedly working for all basebands from 04.26.08 and up.

This may not be much of a boon for the U.K. customers who could get iPhone 4 on any network they like,nevertheless, from a software standpoint it gives you more freedom and breaks the shackles of Apple Store monopoly.

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