Google Pays $75 in Gift checks to test new Blogger Features

Google is inviting users aged over 18 to participate in their 60 minutes research.  If you have an hour to spare and a machine running Windows, Google has a proposition for you. The company is conducting a usability study for Blogger and it’s offering to make up for the ‘inconvenience’ with $75 in American Express gift checks.

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“We’re working hard to make Blogger better and need your help. Sign up for a usability study and give us feedback on some exciting new ideas currently in development. These study results will help us better understand your needs and refine our features before they launch,”said the announcement on Blogger’s Blog.

You could sign up for the study here There is  invitation to the session  on the sign-up page where Google says that a user can register to participate in a usability study and provide feedback on “something that’s currently in development”. The details are undisclosed until a user subscribes after which he/she cannot disclose the information in as much as participants are required to accept the company’s Usability Non-Disclosure Agreement. A decent, broadband Internet connection is a must, as well as the possibility to stay on the phone with a Google representative for the duration of the study, namely 60 minutes. Willing participants must also be comfortable with the idea of Google recording both the conversation and everything that happens on-screen during the test.

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