GodisaGeek to organise a Football World Cup in London

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Fifa  Football World Cup has started today and all the action and attention has shifted to South Africa. If you are regretting not booking your trip, now is your chance to be not only a part of a special one-off football tournament event and what’s better you could also participate in it.

Leading online gaming magazine and community GodisaGeek is organizing  a virtual xbox 360  FIFA Word Cup Event, 10th July 2010 at The Lexi Cinema in London.

For a 10 pound entrance fees  you will get to  play on any of the casual setups – including PES and FIFA and an option  to enter into the tournament at no extra cost.

Four Alienware OptX monitors will be deployed for a great gaming experience with the tournament finalé being streamed over a cinema projection screen.

For more details please  visit GodisaGeek

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