Apple release iTunes 9.2, early upgrades throws issues

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Its a season of updates from Apple inc. following  the release of Apple’s iOS 4 mobile software and Safari 5 in software category and new mac mini and iPhone 4 in hardware. Apple released iTunes 9.2  with loads of new features, most of them to enable compatibility with the pending software update coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch next week.

Apple iTunes 9.2 promises faster syncing and  now allows syncing iTunes content with the upcoming  iPhone 4, syncing and reading e-books (with iBooks 1.1 installed) and PDF documents as books. It uses the  new folders feature for organizing apps.

Some early upgraders had  issues with the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch when trying to sync with iTunes 9.2. According to iTune expert users, the problem is said to be caused either by a clash with the third party iToner ring tone creation app or a snafu with notes syncing. Official Apple support forums are devoid of any complaints about iTunes 9.2, however, the reports have made us ponder on how many other apple  users are struggling.

Share your iTunes 9.2 experiences in the comments.

  • Christopher Alexander

    9.2 is the most magical musical listening experience ever!

  • Brian

    installed itunes 9.2 and now i can play previously purchased movies says they are not authorized to play … I authorize then it says same thing again

  • Todd Garvin

    I am having issues synching my iphone with the new 9.2 iTunes.
    iTunes does not recognize my phone. No issues until the upgrade

  • Triscopic

    Ditto Here.

    Did you find a solution?

  • W-B

    I'm also having this same issue… no idea how to fix i've tried literally everything

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