Apple iPhone FaceTime video calling, huh?

SAN FRANCISCO - JUNE 09:  Apple CEO Steve Jobs...


iPhone 4′s FaceTime video chatting feature released at the WWDC keynote by Steve Jobs is generating tremendous hype and as expectedly garnered lots of press as with anything iPhone related, I am wondering about the reason for the hype and hoopla as  video calling on 3G mobile phones has been existent for years now. Two-way video calls were one of the highlighted features of early UK 3G networks ( especially service provided by Three) back in 2003.

Its another thing that they never took off primarily  because carriers generally charged by the minute and because many early 3G phones had pathetic battery life and most importantly iPhone 4 FaceTime calls will only be via Wi-Fi to begin with, as observed by Calvin Robinson (Sporkings editor) this could be due to the fact AT & T network in U.S may not have the bandwidth  for the 3G traffic  and there has been an history of coverage and network issues on AT & T post iPhone launch.

Other deterrent for FaceTime to be popular is that people like phone calls because they don’t have to show their faces ( faces might not always be camera friendly and ready) and that’s where video chat falls down. Skype said that they didn’t have any near-term intention of using Apple’s open video call standard for Skype chats.

FaceTime is highlighted in the touching  new ad for the iPhone 4 shot by Sam Mendes which fuses  the warmth and humanity of Apple iPhone and how it positively affects  your life. A soldier and his wife video chatting, and saying “I Love You” in sign-language, parents watching their daughter soon after graduating and a soon-to-be father looking at his pregnant wife examined are bound to touch your heart and Apple is expecting that to reach out to your wallet to buy the iPhone 4.

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