Tweetdeck adds Foursquare

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

TweetDeck, the popular Adobe Air’s Twitter and other SNS (Social Networking Sites) management tool continues to add features at a steady pace that too while its still in Beta  . TweetDeck has released version 0.34.2 which brings the location-based exploration and gaming platform Foursquare  into its fold along Google’s social-networking platform Buzz (yes, Buzz is still active, If you thought otherwise after the deadly calm which followed its hyped launch, and so is Orkut).

After adding Foursquare through your  TweetDeck’s Account settings you get a  location column with your Foursquare information which you ideally would get on Foursquare, through the column you see a map with thumbnails of your friends and their reported locations, and you could send Twitter or Facebook messages to  your Foursquare friends  if they have linked those with their Foursquare account.

Global Filter tool that allows you to hide posts from specific people and sources and those including certain keywords.You could now use a custom URL shortener . Location updates is more easier, it remembers your previously used Foursquare venue or Twitter “place”, you could use that location to add  to your status update.

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