Tony Blair joins Silicon Valley firm Venture Captitalist firm

CHICAGO - APRIL 22:  Former British Prime Mini...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Tony Blair, the  former Prime Minister of UK  has been hired as a senior adviser by Khosla Ventures, a Silicon Valley firm which is promoted by Vinod Khosla who is  known as the brains behind Sun Microsystems and is one of Silicon Valley’s smartest investors. Khosla Ventures  is planning to invest hundreds of millions of pounds in green technology and is banking on Blair’s international connections and geopolictical expertise.

This position will give  Blair a chance to practise what he preached when he pleaded with world leaders ahead of the Copenhagen climate change summit not to allow global warming to cause conflict between developed western nations and the developing eastern nations. The former Prime Minister is expected to be paid at least a million dollars (£700,000) a year .

Khosla Ventures’ many clean technology investments include solar thermal company Ausra, geothermal company AltaRock and biofuels makers Mascoma, Coskata, Range Fuels and Verenium.
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