US Memorial day also to be the quit Facebook Day

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If you are planning to stop using Facebook after numerous atrocious security and privacy bloopers one bigger than the other, the recent been the sharing of user data with advertisers, but, have been procrastinating to do it have some help with deciding on the D-Day.

A website called Quit Facebook Day has set the last day of May as the day everyone keen to leave the social network should finally take the plunge and hit the Delete key. The website has been created by two Canadian privacy campaigners who have announced that 31 May will be “Quit Facebook Day”, urging users across the world to shut down their accounts in protest against recent changes the social networking giant has introduced to users’ accounts.

It will be interesting to see the impact this movement through the will have on the 500 million users of Facebook, the anti facebook web site had attracted  less than 15,000 supporters which is a very tiny user percentage but may grow as the news spreads through media.

Facebook users unwittingly expose themselves to five dangers that might be beyond their control, their information is shared with third parties, their privacy settings revert to a less safe default mode after each redesign, malware from Facebook advertisements, fake profiles from scammers; and real friends who unknowingly make them vulnerable.

  • Christine Morey

    I will never quit facebook.

  • S King

    Nor will lots of others, but at end of the day its a toss between a person’s perceived invasion of privacy vs. Facebook benefits.

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