Microsoft and LG to partner for 3D xbox gaming

Image representing Xbox as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

Strike off ‘3D gaming on Xbox’  on your wishlist.   Xbox 360 3D gaming will soon be a reality with Microsoft partnering South Korean based LG to offer the service in South Korea. A korean press release posted on Flickr reveals that Microsoft has signed  a deal to market Xbox 360 3D games along with LG 3D TVs in Asia.

The joint initiative will kick off at the end of June with game and LCD TV bundles, although there are as yet no details on which Xbox 360 titles will be made available on 3D.
With 3D gaming all but certain to be one of gaming’s big new frontiers, television manufacturers and console platform holders have a lot to gain by putting heads together.Rival Sony has said it would enable 3D on all of its PlayStation 3 consoles in the near future via a firmware update.

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