iPad deliveries start a day before the launch

Apple iPad’s expected shortage and delay in UK  has been widely reported and discussed in webosphere, this news has expectedly  dampened the spirit of  iPad fans waiting to get their hand on the revolutionary Tablet device but fortunately this does not seem to apply to the early birdies who pre-ordered their iPad, few have started getting their iPads a day before the launch.

Twitter was abuzz with people reporting the arrival of their ordered iPad. Craig Le Grice, a techie  tweeted, “My Ipad arrived! A day early. Just as I was leaving the house. I’m a happy boy again :).”. Hilary Sutcliffe was also understandably elated, “My Ipad has just arrived!! Will bring it to Cambridge to make you all jealous!!.”. Other tweets have quickly spread the news that people around the country have finally got hold of the device they were eagerly waiting for.

The early deliveries seem to have caught even the mobile carriers unaware, at the time of going to press Orange and O2 3G connections for the 3G iPad were not activated.

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