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Putting an end to all the speculations, rumors and hype at the second day of the  annual Developer conference at Moscone West, San Francisco Google has unveiled the Google TV few  minutes ago , it promises to be the best market for developers, not content after taking the number 1 position in Online advertising, now Google is official in the ring for  the billion dollars Television advertising market.

According to early updates, Sony,  Intel, DISH Network ,Adobe, Logitech, and Best Buy are the initial partners who  joined Google to work on  Google TV.

Google TV is based on the Android platform and runs the Google Chrome web browser. Apart from  TV channels ( obviously!), Internet ( no surprises) and cloud-based information  and applications( Gdocs?) will be accessible, the icing on the cake is  inclusion of Adobe’s Flash based content (You read it right, Steve).

It runs on Intel® Atom™ processor CE4100, which is  Intel’s latest system-on-a-chip designed specifically for consumer electronics, the new platform will offer home theatre quality A/V performance.  Sony and Logitech said they would be delivering products based on the new Intel Atom processor and running Google TV later this year. While Google TV is designed to work with any TV operator, at launch the user experience will be fully optimized when paired with DISH Network.

This is very promising and exciting as this expands video choice from the hundreds of channels available today through a pay TV provider to the  video content available through the web and streaming videos.  Addition of Flash means that the Google TV experience is enhanced  by the ability to watch streaming video from leading content platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand, and YouTube.

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