FryPad : Stephen Fry’s iPad app

Stephen Fry

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The immense potential and benefit of mobile apps is now well understood by one and all, thanks to the popularity of Apple iPhone apps, the success story of Apple mobile apps is now carried forward by Apple’s 10 inch tablet iPad which runs all the iPhone apps by default and have seen developers coming out with apps specifically to take advantage of its large screen and high processing power.

Gadget aficionado Stephen Fry has jumped on the iPad app bandwagon he will launch his own Apple iPad app, suitably named FryPad, the app launch will coincide with the iPad launch this Friday. FryPad is a free to download app currently.

It’s not surprising – Fry’s had the hots for the Apple product range for decades, and even owns one of the original Apple computers, also owned by late author and technology enthusiast Douglas Adams. The iPad and its many competitors, like the O2 Galaxy Tablet Broadband enabled gadget and others besides have sparked new interest in tapping away with fingers on screens, and Fry’s ahead of the game in terms of bringing his uniquely branded commentary to Apple’s super-tablet.

According to T3 ” The first version of the app will feature Stephen’s popular blogs, with later updates to incorporate podcast and video archives. The app is also the first to use the Share Deck technology that allows users to easily share articles on Facebook, Twitter and via email. The app will take the form of a magazine, rather than a website, with readers able to swipe from right to left in order to turn pages, rather than the conventional up and down scan.”

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