Facebook introduces location based check in

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Move over Facebook’s recently launched and fast catching ‘Open Graph’ feature, the  habit-inducing social networking site is reportedly planning a location-based feature that lets users “check-in” at real-world businesses and points of interest.

TechCrunch reported about hidden code for the location feature on Facebook’s  mobile website (http://touch.facebook.com/) and strongly believes a new “Places” tab will show nearby venues, to which users can check in to make  presence known

If and when it happens, it could only mean serious competition for Foursquare, Gowalla and and other location based check in apps, because If Facebook launches its own “check-in” service that could make these fledgling services irrelevant, according to code dug up by TechCrunch.

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