Android 2.2 Froyo to include Tethering and Wi-Fi Hotspot

Image representing Nexus One as depicted in Cr...

Froyo – Google Android OS’s 2.2 version seems to have more up its sleeves than what we reported earlier. While developers, Android users and followers wait patiently for Google to announce Android OS’s next major update, more new details on its features continue to trickle in. Google is expected to show off Android 2.2 Froyo update at the upcoming Google I/O conference on May 19 &  20 at  San Franscisco.

Techcrunch reported  that the latest Android Mobile OS  will have tethering and portable Wi-Fi HotSpot features.That means you’ll be able to use your phone’s 3G internet connection to hook your laptop/netbook up to the Internet, with a choice of wired or wireless methods.Tethering and portable Wi-Fi HotSpot are the two  most demanded features from the Froyo update.

Apple which highly restricts and limits connectivity and inter operatability options with other devices and technologies  does not provide either tethering nor  portable Wi-Fi HotSpots on both iPhone and iPad 3G neither has near future plans to do so. 

That saves an upgrade to iPad 3G. Thanks to Android Froyo’s Wi-Fi HotSpot feature you will be able to wirelessly connect your iPad wi-fi to Nexus and get on to webosphere.

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