iPhone 4G Leaked so what


Image by Dekuwa via Flickr

Earlier this week the next generation iPhone found its way into the hands of Gizmodo , who lovingly took some photos, made a short video and wrote even more about it.
I’m still trying to figure out why none of these pictures show the thing turned on, but hey ho I guess it doesn’t really matter at least for now.

The bloggersphere has been alight with gossip on the next big release from Apple, many of them wondering what will happen to the poor employee who mislaid it in a German themed bar of all places.

Now Mashable ask the question of will this leak and subsquent viral footage help boost overall sales when it is released. A moot question if you ask me, as Apple have a distinct knack of allowing hype to market their products anyway.

Rarely do Apple lose control of a release like this but I’m sure come Summer the hype machine will be overdrive, all of us with a 3G or 3Gs will be out of contract and looking to latch on to the next timely Apple release.

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