Britons spending nearly £200m on MMOs

Final Fantasy

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Out of a staggering £3 billion spent throughout the world on multiplayer online games, British players contributed around 8% by shelling out nearly £200m.

An average of £10.50 per month  was spent by 1.5  million Britons on MMO (massive multiplayer online) games in 2009,  based on an analysis of the consumer data coming from a report done by

An estimated 2.5 million people in UK  play MMOs without spending any money. Out of the £200m, more than 90% of this is spent directly online.

World Of Warcraft topped the charts in popularity followed by  Runescape, Club Penguin, Final Fantasy and Lord Of The Rings Online.

Revenues in Britain are slightly higher than in France and Germany but way behind the US who  spent some £2.55 billion a year gaming.

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