£52 Billion Down the Drain on Unused Gadgets?

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Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML via Flickr

Recent research conducted by Sky HD reveals that the British have wasted nearly £52 Billion on gadgets which they do not know how to use or fully operate. It is astonishing that nearly 50% of the poll audience did not know that in order to get HD video on your HDTV, you need a HD device such as a Blu-ray DVD player.

What’s even more surprising is that many people in the UK buy these gadgets and do not even bother to read the User Manuals. Interestingly, every one in ten people has even tried brute force or the ‘hit me’ approach to make the gadget work. The research reveals that the difference between the actual spending on these gadgets vs. the value of functions used is a mammoth £52 Billion.

Not having money is bad enough, having money and spending it on jazzy gadgets which are never fully used is even worse. It just highlights that technology changes way faster than the pace at which people can adapt to it.

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