Google adds wiki-like features to Google Street View

HANNOVER, GERMANY - MARCH 03:  The camera of a...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Google has gone the Wikipedia way for its  Street View  by giving web users the ability to edit the locations of businesses that appear in its Street View service. It  will even allow users  to move the tags, many of which are badly positioned.

Street View was made available in UK last year  is an add-on to Google Earth and  Google Maps   that allows users to see street-level photographs of a number of cities.

“Sometimes you may find a place in Google Maps that isn’t quite positioned where it should be” says Jie Shao  on Google’s blog.

He concludes “Now you can make sure that everyone searching for your favorite businesses in your hometown can be directed to exactly the right spot, so do your part and move those markers”  and this also means that the Businesses could tap the potential of location-based advertising which is  largely untapped.

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