XBOX 360 Elite Review

An Xbox 360 showing the Ring of Death.
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The Xbox 360 Elite is Microsoft’s latest addition to the Xbox gaming console series. Its standout features includes a massive 120 GB hard disc, a high definition multimedia interface and a premium black finish.

The Xbox 360 Elite has an amazing collection of games of all genres and the best part is that almost all games use HD video. If you are crazy about online multi player games, this is the perfect gaming console for you. Since it uses HDMI, it can scale DVDs up to 1080p, which is remarkable. And last, but not the least, the stunning black look and the sleek design places it miles ahead of all competition as far as styling is concerned.

Although it may be a great gaming console, unfortunately it inherits most of the pitfalls from its predecessor Xbox 360. The performance of Xbox 360 Elite as a CD player or DVD player is quiet poor. The volume is pretty low and definitely not louder than a second rung DVD player. And the worst part for hardcore gamers is that you must be a paid subscriber fox Xbox Live in order to play games online.

If you are a hardcore gamer who’s mad about high definition video games, Xbox 360 Elite is made just for you. If you want a great combo of a video game, CD player and DVD player, make sure you check it out at a nearby store before buying it.

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